Pyrotechnic Cutter NP4

Pyrotechnic Cutter NP4

Country of Origin: Russia

PT. Sari Bahari is the exclusive agent to distribute this product in Indonesia

Pyrotechnic Cutter NP4 is an innovative solution for cutting all types of metal structures in extreme conditions. Implementing no hydraulics and no electrics, Pyrotechnic Cutter NP4 is actuated by a single tool pyrotechnic cartridge thus providing fully autonomous operation and permanent readiness for use, high tool durability and easy service.

This tool allows to increase effectiveness of rescue works such as:

- in conditions of critical shortage of time and limited access;

- in all weather conditions and at extreme temperatures;

- in heavy smoke contamination and close to open fire;

- in extrication tasks after transport accidents, fire emergency, natural and industrial disasters;

- in damage control after terrorist attacks, forcible entry tasks, construction and dismantling works in hard-to-reach areas.